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Global HR Report

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Business is never static – and neither is the discipline of HR. As a transforming profession, serving evolving organisations, HR is developing within a context of globalisation, digitisation, complexity and demographic change.

Frazer Jones’ annual global survey of senior HR professionals aims to shine a light on the current shape and scope of the people and talent arenas, identifying global trends, challenges and opportunities, plus significant regional variations.

This comprehensive report delivers a current snapshot of the HR profession, highlighting strategy and predictions for 2018, supported by industry case studies and commentary. It will be repeated annually to inform thought leadership and provide opportunities for ongoing benchmarking.

What did we want to find out?

We surveyed senior HR professionals from around the world, using both quantitative and qualitative methods, in order to ascertain:
• Current HR priorities, working practices and morale
• Perceptions of HR and its strategic influence within organisations
• The impact of digitisation on talent acquisition and management
• Commitment to the inclusion agenda
• Strategy around future-proofing the talent pipeline
• Current disruptors and predictions/plans for the future of work.

Additional commentary was sourced to provide complementary insights and context for findings.

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